About Us

Currency Forecasts is a blog that’s regularly updated with information on what’s happening with the currency markets. Our aim is to help those looking for the best exchange rates stay up to date with market movements, and to help our clients make an informed decision on when to fix a rate of exchange.

The authors and contributors to this site work for one of the UK’s leading foreign exchange brokerages, and have been helping private and business clients achieve exceptional rates of exchange for over 15 years. We’re fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and have an annual turnover in excess of £7bn. We offer rates for over 44 major international currencies.

Who is our service for?

  • Buying or selling property overseas
  • Making Regular Transfers
  • Topping up a bank account overseas
  • Paying international invoices
  • Companies that Import/Export goods or services
  • Converting foreign income to GBP

The benefits of our service include:

  • Exceptional rates of exchange
  • A dedicated personal currency broker
  • Free market analysis and daily updates
  • Free rate alerts
  • Multiple Contract Types
  • Online Trading platform to see rates and book currency 24/7
  • 0% commission or transfer fees
  • High Security and fully FCA authorised

To find out more about how we can help, or to get a quote:

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