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What could affect GBP exchange rates this week?

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Good morning. Markets are quiet this week. Lots of people are off for Easter, the Brexit can has been kicked down the road again, and parliament are also on their Easter Break. There are still on-going talks between Labour and…

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GBP/EUR falls as single currency strengthens

Pound/Euro starts to fall This morning the Pound/Euro rate looked like it was going to have another good run, touching €1.19 vs. the Euro. However economic figures released this morning have halted the decent run the pair had been having,…

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Will the Pound rise or fall this week?

What moves exchange rates?  The four mains things are Economic data, political events, natural disasters and acts of war. Some of these are by their nature totally unpredictable, however economic data releases are known and forecast in advance. While it’s…

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