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Economic Data Releases: What could move exchange rates this week?

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Good morning. Sterling remains largely unchanged from towards the end of last week. The market is flat because most investors are waiting to see what will happen with Brexit. As usual for a Monday, I’ve outlined the main economic data…

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Pound drops again, and could continue to fall much further

The Pound has continued to suffer in overnight trading in the Asian markets, falling below $1.28 against the US Dollar, and hitting €1.16 vs the Euro at one point. Rates have recovered a little this morning, but the outlook for…

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Pound continues to fall in wake of ‘Brexit’

The Pound has continued to take a hammering in the currency markets today, falling to below €1.20 against the Euro, and to $1.31 against the US Dollar: The decline started in trading in the Asian markets yesterday, and continued when…

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GBP/EUR rates recover as Euro weakens

The last few months have not been kind to Sterling, and last week the Pound was at 7 year lows against most currencies, due to the fears of a ‘Brexit’ which I’ve explained in recent posts. We have seen a…

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