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Category: Will pound go up further against Euro

Pound/Euro at new 4 month high of €1.32

Better than expected data from Germany today has done nothing to halt the steady rise in GBP/EUR rates, which hit a fresh high of €1.32 today. This is the highest it’s been since early February. The continued gain is due…

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What could move exchange rates this week?

The Pound has slipped away today as the trading week started, falling further from last weeks 4 month highs against the Euro. The pair is currently settled in the low €1.29’s. It seems that investors are being a little more…

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GBP/EUR highest in 4 months: €1.30+

Sterling’s run has continued today, which is remarkable when you consider most of the move upwards is based on one opinion poll showing we’re likely to remain within the EU, as I outlined in yesterday’s post. This morning we also…

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