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Category: Will Pound/EUro go up or down in 2016

Pound/Euro range-bound at €1.19; but is it really that bad?

Sterling remains range-bound against the single currency, with GBP/EUR rates stuck around the €1.19 mark. This is illustrated in the chart below showing the currency movements this week: As I outlined in my last post, it’s probably the case of…

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Will Pound/Euro rates go up or down in 2016?

The Pound has made a slight recovery against the Euro since yesterday, rising into the mid €1.36’s. This was in part due to much worse than expected German inflation data, which was way below the forecast. As such, the Euro…

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Pound/Euro falls to €1.35

Sterling/Euro rates have failed to recover their recent fall, and today have continued to drop and currently sit in the low €1.35’s. This morning figures showed that government borrowing was much worse than expected, and this means that it’s less…

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