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Category: Will EUR rates go up or down

Pound stuck at 4 month lows


The Pound has levelled off, but remains stuck at 4 month lows against both the Euro and US Dollar. Following the resignaion of Theresa May, and the European elections that saw the Brexit party win by some margin, markets are…

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Will Pound go up or down in 2019?

2019 has been a volatile year for the Pound, with price movements largely being driven by Brexit related events. So far this year we have seen GBP/EUR hit lows of €1.10, and highs of €1.1750 (the highest in 2 years)….

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Pound/Euro recovers to €1.14

Will Pound/Euro go up or down? Sterling has bounced back this afternoon, with GBP/EUR recovering from lows of €1.1350, back to where we started the day around the €1.14 mark, which is the highest in nearly 3 months. While Mark…

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