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Category: Why has the Pound fallen

Why has the Pound fallen?


Why has the Pound fallen? It’s to do with inflation numbers. Sterling has taken another knock today, after the UK’s latest inflation figures came in below forecast, reducing the chances of the Bank of England raising interest rates any time…

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Pound/Euro exchange rate falls again

Good afternoon, Since my last post the pound has been losing ground against the euro, with the GBP/EUR cross currently sitting at its lowest level since the start of November. This morning saw the currency pair fall to a low…

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GBP/EUR exchange rate falling after latest Brexit comments

Good afternoon, Today has seen the pound fall across the board, with the pound/euro exchange rate sitting at its lowest level since 15th November. For the best GBP/EUR rate click here.  The GBP/EUR cross is currently trading at 1.1534 (mid-market),…

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