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Category: Why has Pound fallen against Euro

Poor UK data pushes GBP/EUR to €1.13

We’ve finally seen some movement in Pound/Euro rates following a period of the pair being stuck at the €1.14 level. In the last 24 hours we have seen the pair drop around 1 cent to the low €1.13’s: Why has…

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Why has the Sterling/Euro exchange rate fallen?

Sterling’s decline has continued today, falling briefly into the €1.25’s before settling around the €1.26 level. I thought it was unlikely the rise to €1.29 would be sustained and that’s proved to be the case. Why has the Pound fallen?…

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Pound falls sharply after BoE’s ‘Super Thursday’

The Pound has fallen sharply today after various information released by the Bank of England’s ‘Super Thursday’. As you can see from the chart below Pound/Euro rates have fallen from €1.42 to €1.40. In today’s post I’ll explain why this…

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Sterling slips on poor growth data

The Pound’s decent run against the Euro over the last week has now ended, and today we have seen the GBP/EUR rate drop away by a cent. We had seen it as high as €1.3920, however this morning UK GDP…

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Sterling falls on poor UK inflation figures

Tuesday 13th October 2015 Volatility has returned to the markets, and since my last post on Friday we have seen the Pound/Euro rate drop a further 2 cents, dipping into the €1.33’s this morning, and is currently settled at around €1.34…

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