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Category: Why has GBP/EUR dropped

Why is the Pound falling?

Sterling has started this week as it ended last week, dropping against the Euro and other currencies. This afternoon the GBP/EUR rate has dipped into the €1.13’s which is a fresh 3 month low. The graph below shows how the…

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GBP/EUR hits 5 year low as Euro gains strength

GBP/EUR rates have now dropped to the mid €1.13’s this afternoon which is the lowest we’ve seen the pair in over 5 years. This time it isn’t due to the Pound or Brexit, but rather a strengthening of the Euro….

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Why has Pound/Euro fallen into €1.38’s?

Friday 21st August 2015Since my last post on Tuesday, Sterling/Euro rates have fallen from €1.42 into the €1.38’s, caused by the Euro gaining strength.  There are several factors that have caused the single currency to gain. Firstly the news that…

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