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Getting the best Pound/Euro exchange rates

December is often unkind to the Pound and this year is no different. We’ve seen GBP/EUR rates slip away gradually this week, today dropping to €1.18.  Over the Christmas period, trade is often much thinner and as global investors move…

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Pound set to find new direction this week

Good morning readers, and welcome to a new week and a new month. For several weeks now, the GBP/EUR rate has been stuck at around the €1.19 level. This is despite some dire confidence surveys in the last couple of…

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Pound falls further on Referendum worries and interest rates

Sterling has continued to fall against the Euro and Dollar this week, falling to €1.2650 and $1.3920 respectively. The fact that Boris Johnson has announced his support for Britain exiting the Euro has lent weight to the ‘leave’ campaign, and…

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Pound falls to €1.33 vs Euro

Well it seems nothing can stop Sterling from continuing to fall against the Euro. Today, we saw another 2 cent drop from €1.35 down to €1.33, which means this week alone we have seen the GBP/EUR pair drop 4 cents:…

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