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Pound steady at €1.31. Should you buy Euros now or wait?

The Pound has stabilised somewhat and has settled down at around €1.31 vs the Euro. It’s been a great week for Sterling, which has risen on the back of various polls and betting odds showing that it’s increasingly unlikely that…

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WIll Pound/Euro go up or down in 2015/2016

Currently we are seeing extremely attractive Sterling/Euro exchange rates, that are only a few cents below the best they have been in over 8 years. Many clients are asking me whether the rate will go higher or lower in the…

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What could move Sterling exchange rates this week?

I’m often asked what actually moves exchange rates. It’s various things and the main ones are: acts of terrorism/war, natural disasters, political events, and economic data. Of these 4 things, you can only really plan for the last 2; economic…

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Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast

Sterling/Euro rates fall ahead of ECB meeting this week  Pound/Euro rates have recovered in the last week, partly due to some positive UK employment data, but also due to speculation the European Central Bank (ECB) may announce further stimulus this…

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Sterling/Euro rises from €1.3350 to €1.3550

Thursday 15th October 2015 Sterling/Euro rates have recovered very well in the last few days, rising from the €1.33’s to €1.3550 today. In today’s post I’ll explain the reasons for the gains, and what action those with Euros to buy or…

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