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Need to Buy Euros? Will the rate get better?

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Pound/Euro rates weakened further last night, as the Euro gained strength and became more expensive to buy. As we thought, the EU Council meeting was dominated by migration talks. It looks like the EU have come to an agreement on…

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Pound/Euro range-bound at €1.19; but is it really that bad?

Sterling remains range-bound against the single currency, with GBP/EUR rates stuck around the €1.19 mark. This is illustrated in the chart below showing the currency movements this week: As I outlined in my last post, it’s probably the case of…

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Will exchange rates go up or down in the next few months?

Since my last post, GBP/EUR rates have remained largely range-bound within a 1 cent range of around €1.2650 to €1.2750. Last week was expected to be a quiet one, but it was anything but with the attacks in Brussels causing…

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