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Pound gains further, as Brexit looking less likely

Sterling has continued it’s strong run as we start the week, with Pound/Euro rates not far from €1.29, and GBP/USD close to $1.45. The current levels are a good 5 cents higher than two or three weeks ago. The reason…

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What could move exchange rates this week?

Sterling/Euro rates are settled in the mid €1.25’s after last week’s positive moves for this currency pair. In today’s post, I’ll run through the coming week’s economic data releases that I think will affect exchange rates. With a speech by…

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Will exchange rates go up or down this week?

Monday 31st March 2014 We have seen the Pound slide off a little at the start of the trading week, with GBP/EUR falling from €1.21 down to €1.2050, a drop of around 0.4%. This was mainly due to consumer credit being…

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Pound/Euro rates and the weeks economic data

Monday 25th November 2013It’s been a quiet start to the week in the currency markets. The only data of note today was the latest UK Mortgage Approval numbers. These were slightly lower than expected, and so Sterling has fallen a…

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