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US dollar weakens on Fed comments

US dollar exchange rates have fallen this afternoon, particularly against the Euro to bring rates below 1.15 for the first time in nearly three months. Movements have been attributed to comments made by Federal Reserve president Raphael Bostic who suggested…

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Central Bank comments affect exchange rates

Pound/Euro rates have fallen to €1.13 today, due to a combination of the Pound getting weaker, and the Euro getting stronger and therefore more expensive to purchase. (View live currency graphs here to see how rates have moved over recent…

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Pound/Euro down, Pound/Dollar up…

Good morning. It’s bright sunny morning in London, and as the day gets going Pound/Euro is slightly lower due to the Budget and a strengthening of the Euro. Pound/Dollar rates however have risen due to news from the US Federal…

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Bank of England could cause Pound to fall sharply

Friday 18th September 2015FED leave interest rates on hold  Last night the US Federal Reserve opted to keep interest rates at their low of 0.25%. There was a small chance that they would raise interest rates but this didn’t materialise….

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Pound rises to €1.21 / Central Bank Decisions

Wednesday 8th January 2014 We have seen the Pound gain in strength today, and Sterling/Euro exchange rates have risen to €1.21. In today’s post I’m going to give my view on why I think this has happened, and also have a…

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