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Sterling/Euro rises to €1.14

Pound/Euro rates have soared today as a result of the US election result. This morning the rate was down at €1.11, and at the time of writing it’s up to €1.14 which is back to where it was before the…

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President Trump, and the effect on exchange rates

Well, the polls got it wrong again. Amazingly as I woke up this morning and turned on BBC news, I was greeted with the Republican Candidate Donald Trump in the lead, and it’s now been confirmed that he will be…

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How could the US election affect exchange rates?

Next week, the most important thing for the currency markets will be the US election. Americans go to the polls on Tuesday, with a result expected early on Wednesday morning UK time (5am or so) unless it’s very close, in…

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US Election effect on exchange rates / GBPEUR hits new high

Wednesday 7th Novmeber 2012Good afternoon everybody. Things have moved around in the currency markets quite a bit today. We’ve had the US election dramatically affect the value of the US Dollar and riskier currencies. We have also seen Pound/Euro rates…

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