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The sterling slide continues, will it fall further?

Sterling exchange rates have continued to slump bringing the pounds losses to nearly 3% in just under a week. This is a significant move and continues to show how vulnerable the pound is. In the same period the pound has…

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Brexit batters the Pound

As I’m sure all our readers will know, the last 24 hours have been extremely influential for Sterling exchange rates. Initially it seemed that the draft Brexit agreement would be agreed by the Cabinet, and GBP/EUR rates were as high…

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Brexit vote passes cabinet but sterling falls

Yet again the on going Brexit saga has flattered to deceive and, although Prime Minister Theresa May was able to pass her latest Brexit draft through her cabinet, the pound has once again fallen sharply from the highs of 1.1550…

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Sterling extremely volatile as Brexit statement delayed


It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the Pound today. Taking GBP/EUR as an example, we have seen rates between €1.1440 and €1.1540, and right now we’re right at the bottom of that range. The reason the Pound has fallen is…

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Pound/Euro exchange rates through 1.15

Pound exchange rates have pushed through the 1.15 level to reach the highest level since April. This has now seen the pound rally 3% since the end of October, a difference of £8k on a €300k money transfer. This comes…

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