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Pound Sterling drops against Euro.

Market Snapshot: GBP/EUR 1.1605 GBP/USD 1.6357 GBP/AUD 2.0394 GBP/NZD 2.5713 GBP/CAD 1.8801 GBP/CHF 1.7658 GBP/JPY 1.5820 These are the live interbank rates as of 08:49am BST.Yesterdays TradingWe saw rates from the pound to the Euro fall to the low 1.16’s….

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Sterling to Euro Prediction 2009

Sterling falls against EuroToday marks the beginning of Quarter 3, and has started badly for the pound. Sterling rates for buying US Dollars hit an 8 month high, however against the Euro rates have fallen after gains were short lived…

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Sterling Euro Outlook & Exchange Rate Forecast

Sterling to EuroWith the Interbank breaking through the 1.18 barrier for the first time this year, June has been a testing time for the Euro. The overall trend is upwards and is predicted to remain that way, however the Currency…

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Sterling recovers and gains against Euro

The pound has gained agaisnt the Euro this afternoon as the forecasts for world growth for the Eurozone are bleak. UK GrowthThe Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has revised down its forecast for the UK economy in 2009…

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Sterling Euro Rates 2009

Throughout 2009 so far, Sterling exchange rates have been very volatile, but the general trend is that the pound is slowly strengthening. Against the Euro it’s gained by 15%, and against the US Dollar its risen by 18%. So, very…

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