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Sterling exchange rate Forecast


Sterling exchange rate Forecast – As I’m sure all our regular readers will be aware, the Pound has not been faring well against the most commonly traded currencies, the Euro and US Dollar. Brexit uncertainty has been weakening the Pound…

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Currency Forecasts: GBP/EUR, GBP/USD and overview

Pound Sterling Currency

Currency Forecasts: Good morning once again for a Monday we will start by taking an in depth look at what key economic data sets could impact the markets. We will focus on the major currencies and look at how this…

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Sterling recovers from 2-year low vs Euro

Sterling recovers from 2-year low vs Euro Sterling Recovers – The Pound has had a welcome boost over the last few days, rising from it’s 2-year low vs. the Euro. The catalyst for the recovery was inflation numbers yesterday that…

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Pound falls further as economy shrinks

Pound Euro 9 August 2019

Pound falls further as economy shrinks – Earlier this week I outlined some key UK data that was due today. The numbers were released at 09:30am this morning, and they were all worse than expected. The forecast wasn’t particularly good…

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Pound to Euro Outlook: Will the pound fall further?

Pound to Euro

Pound to Euro exchange rates have remained firmly under pressure this week and continue to trade close to 1.08 (GBP/EUR) and 1.2150 (GBP/USD). Will the pound continue to remain under pressure? With much of Europe slowing down for the holidays…

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