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Economic data releases for the week ahead

UK political uncertainty continues to be the main driver for GBP exchange rates, with the Pound struggling to make any gains while the future of the Brexit process remains uncertain. Until we see a clear direction from whoever the new…

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USD exchange rates reach a near two year high

GBP/USD exchange rates have reached their lowest levels since December 2018 and some of the lowest levels since June 2017. We have now seen the US dollar rally 6.25% since the beginning of March caused by Brexit uncertainty and the…

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EUR/GBP reaches a five month high. Euro forecast.

EUR/GBP exchange rates have reached their highest levels against the pound since January having moved over 5% in the last 6 weeks. This has created some great selling opportunities with those looking to exchange euros to sterling. Why is the…

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GBP/EUR falls to €1.12 as economy slows

The Pound has started this week on the backfoot, falling further against the Euro and US Dollar, continuing it’s downward spiral that started in May. In just 6 weeks the Pound/Euro rate has fallen from €1.1750 to €1.12, and has…

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Sterling vulnerable as PM resigns

Sterling exchange rates posted short term gains but have since fallen back to 1.13 against the Euro and 1.2670 versus the US dollar as Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed in an emotional speech that she will step down on the…

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