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UK employment data helps the Pound

UK Jobs data sends Pound up

This morning UK employment and wage growth data was released, and the numbers have helped the Pound rise. GBP/EUR is at €1.1370 and GBP/USD is at $.2915. Most of the employment data was roughly as expected. 2 measures beat forecasts…

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Pound falls as UK growth lower than expected

The Pound has fallen away in the last few days, dropping back to around the €1.13 level against the Euro, and to $1.39 against the US Dollar. The drop came after the latest round of UK employment numbers and growth…

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Why has the Pound fallen to €1.13 against the Euro?

Today the deputy Bank of England governor Broadbent gave a speech, and there had been speculation he would give his views on monetary policy. The markets were expecting him to hint at an interest rate hike later in the year,…

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Pound remains supported despite poor jobs figures

The Pound brushed off the poor unemployment figures this morning, and GBP/EUR rates remain around the 1.2650 mark: There haven’t been any significant economic figures released that would strengthen the Pound, and the reason rates have recovered is due to…

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Pound/Euro hits fresh 7 year highs after strong jobs data

Wednesday 18th February 2015 Sterling has risen strongly this morning to fresh 7 year highs against the Euro. As you can see from the chart below, GBP/EUR rose from 1.3450 to 1.3560:  Robust UK Employment figures boost Sterling  The reason for…

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