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Pound remains supported

The Pound remains supported, and is holding up surprisingly well, given the political uncertainty the UK currently faces. The speaker John Bercow yesterday said that the PM could not bring her deal back for a third vote as has been…

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How could Theresa May’s speech affect the Pound?

 Sterling/Euro rates have fallen back away from last weeks 2 month high of around €1.14. The BoE governor gave a speech and he was typically gloomy about the effects of Brexit on the economy, stating that any interest rate hikes…

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Bumper Retail Sales figures strengthen Sterling

We have just seen the latest UK Retail Sales figures for the UK, and they were significantly better than forecast. Markets expected a +0.4% rise. I thought that it would be lower than this, but the actual figure came in…

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€ Up, $ Down, £ Flat….

Euro up  Yesterday we saw GBP/EUR rates slip away around 1 cent to the €1.17 mark. The reason for the fall was the Euro gaining strength and becoming more expensive to purchase as it rose in value. The catalyst for…

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Why has the Pound/Euro rate fallen?

Thursday 23rd July 2015Sterling/Euro rates have been threatening to fall for a week now, and today the market took a plunge pushing GBP/EUR rates down into the €1.41’s. After a quick look at the chart, I’ll go into more detail…

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