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Pound/Euro edges higher ahead of some important UK data

The Euro has weakened over the last 24 hours, helping push Pound/Euro rates back up to almost €1.14, helping this pair recover most of the losses we saw after the Bank of England cut interest rates last week. This move…

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Pound/Dollar drops on US jobs data

The US Dollar has strengthened this afternoon following the release of the latest jobs numbers. While the number of new jobs created was lower than expected, the unemployment rate fell more than expected and average earnings was also better than…

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Very important week ahead for exchange rates

In my recent post I outlined the reasons that the Pound may fall further, and that proved to be the case. We saw poor UK data on Friday that weakened the Pound, and the Euro gained strength on rumours that…

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Pound rises on employment data, but will it go higher?

Wednesday 16th September 2015Today we saw the Pound/Euro rate rise on positive jobs data from the UK. Average earnings and the claimant count were both much better than expected, and you can see from the chart below that this strengthened…

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Pound rises to €1.35 – a 7 year high vs the Euro

Tuesday 10th February 2015Since my post a week ago, as you can see below, the exchange rate has recovered and risen back to its 7 year high of €1.35.  As we will see in a moment, there are several factors…

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