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As GBP/EUR nears €1.12’s, how can you protect against adverse exchange rates?

The Pound has continued to fall during trading today, and touched into the €1.12’s briefly, and currently sits supported at €1.13 at the time of writing. The reason is continued concerns the UK will push for a ‘Hard Brexit’ when…

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Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast Outlook

Monday 10th December 2012 Good morning. Sterling Euro rates hit a 5 week low last week, before staging a slight recovery on Thursday and Friday. As always for a Monday, today I will take a look at what has moved…

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Pound remains weak, eyes now on BoE tomorrow

Good Morning. Sterling hit a 5 month low against a basket of major currencies yesterday, and a new 1 week low against the Euro after an unexpected fall in UK manufacturing output raised doubts about the British economy’s recovery prospects….

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