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Will the Pound get higher against the Euro?

Tuesday 10th September 2013Good afternoon. Since my post last week, the Pound continued to rise, however now seems to have hit the peak and we haven’t seen further gains. In today’s post I’ll have a look at recent economic data,…

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Will the Bank of England weaken the Pound?

Tuesday 5th March 2013 Good afternoon. After the volatility seen in exchange rates in recent weeks, this week so far has been relatively calm. The Pound/Euro rate has hovered around the 1.16 mark, with Pound/Dollar rates rising from 1.50 to 1.5120….

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GBP/EUR & GBP/USD forecast 2012/2013

Thursday 13th December 2012   Good afternoon everybody. In this afternoon’s post I’m going to take a detailed look at Pound/Euro rates, and the forecast for where rates may go in 2012 and 2013. I will also have a look Sterling/Dollar…

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