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Pound/Euro rates rise to €1.1250

Yesterday was a strange one for the currency markets and GBP/EUR in particular. Initially we thought it would be central bank speeches that would be driving the market, but has often been the case recently, political events instead dominated proceedings,…

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When to exchange Pounds into Euros?

This is a question we’re asked all the time, as of course everyone wants to know if the Pound will go back up against the Euro. It’s gone up a little bit today, after the Pound received a little boost…

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Pound/Euro remains near 6 year high

Monday 29th December 2014 Good morning and welcome back to the currency markets after the Christmas break. Given the market holidays there has not been much movement in exchange rates, so today’s report is a reminder how you can take…

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Pound/Euro stable, could it be about to drop?

Thursday 21st February 2014It’s been a relatively quiet week, without much volatility since my last post. We did see the Pound weaken slightly yesterday, when the latest unemployment figures were releases. While pretty good overall, the total number of 7.2%…

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