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Getting the best exchange rates

Pound surges higher against Euro and US Dollar The Pound has surged this week, rising to €1.15 vs the Euro and above $1.30 against the US Dollar. There are 2 reasons for the gains we have seen for Sterling. The…

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Sterling pushes to a 6 month high, will it last?


Sterling exchange rates have have rallied 2.5% in less than a week bring the pound to its highest level against the single currency in nearly 6 months. This drive towards the pound has created, in my opinion, some very strong…

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Sterling jumps on higher inflation figures

UK inflation figures have just been released, showing that the annual CPI reading was 2.3%, a little higher than expected and above the 2% target at which the Bank of England would normally raise interest rates. Following on from last…

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Pound gains on BoE vote

Yesterday was a good example of how quickly the markets can move on unexpected news. We started the day with GBP/EUR just above €1.14 after the Euro gained strength following the Dutch election result, however that all changed at lunchtime…

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Euro weakens pushing GBP/EUR to €1.1870

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was a chance that the ECB would increase their QE stimulus programme, and this is exactly what they decided to do. They were supposed to have finished the stimulus by March next year,…

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