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GBP/USD exchange rates fall below 1.27 – a 5 month low

Pound Vs US Dollar

GBP/USD exchange have tumbled to their lowest levels against the US dollar since January. We have now seen the pound fall just shy of 5% since the end of March and 3.9% in the last three weeks. This movement can…

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Will Pound go up or down for rest of 2014?

Tuesday 23rd September 2014 As I write today’s post Ed Miliband is giving a party conference speech. I’m choosing this time to write my report as I don’t think his words will have any effect on exchange rates whatsoever, and the…

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Pound remains at €1.19 vs Euro, near 8 month high

Tuesday 17th September 2013 Good afternoon. Sterling remains strong, however has failed to rise significantly above the €1.19 level against the Euro. GBP/EUR rates remain around the best since January. The Pound has however hit an 8 month high against the…

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Pound remains weak, eyes now on BoE tomorrow

Good Morning. Sterling hit a 5 month low against a basket of major currencies yesterday, and a new 1 week low against the Euro after an unexpected fall in UK manufacturing output raised doubts about the British economy’s recovery prospects….

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