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Will Sterling go up or down this week?

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Good morning. In today’s post we’ll have a look to the week ahead and see what economic data releases are due that could affect GBP exchange rates. GBP/EUR has been rather flat of late, while the markets await any news…

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Will Pound/Euro rates go up or down?

GBP/EUR spent most of last week getting very close to €1.20 without managing to sustain a breakthrough; a trend we’ve seen on 6 separate occasions since last summer. It was never very likely that we would see rates breach this…

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Pound falls on House Price data

14th September 2010Good morning. The pound has fallen overnight, after much worse than expected house price data. The Eurozone has also increased it’s forecasts, strengthening the Euro and compounding the issue to push GBP/EUR rates down. Today we’ll look at…

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Sterling falls against stronger Euro

30th July 2010Good morning. Sterling to Euro rates fell yesterday throughout the day, dropping from €1.20 down to the low €1.19’s. The reason for the fall was better than expected confidence data from the EU, which strengthened the single currency…

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Pound remains firm despite BoE Comments

29th July 2010Good morning. The US Dollar came under month end selling pressure yesterday, and has helped push GBPUSD rates through $1.56 which is the best for 5 months. Against the Euro, rates remain around the €1.20 level. At 08:30am…

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