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Pound falls from recent multi-month highs

This week Pound/Euro rates broke through €1.15 to hit the highest levels since June last year. Pound/Dollar broke through $1.43 earlier which is the highest since the EU referendum. This afternoon rates have slipped back slightly. Let’s look at why…

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Pound/Euro edges higher ahead of some important UK data

The Euro has weakened over the last 24 hours, helping push Pound/Euro rates back up to almost €1.14, helping this pair recover most of the losses we saw after the Bank of England cut interest rates last week. This move…

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How could the General Election affect Exchange Rates?

With just over a week to go until the UK General Election, in today’s report we’ll take a look at the possible outcomes and their potential effect on Sterling exchange rates. Where things stand now  A month ago Theresa May…

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Poor economic figures push Sterling lower

A raft of economic data was released earlier this morning, and it has weakened the Pound, ending the decent run of strength for Sterling over the course of the last week. The numbers were all worse than expected, showing that…

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Pound/Euro remains at 1 month high

The Pound is still doing pretty well following the triggering of Article 50 last week. Now that the process has started, it’s a classic case of ‘sell the rumour, buy the fact’. Sterling had been weakened significantly during the last…

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