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Will the Bank of England weaken the Pound?

Tuesday 5th March 2013 Good afternoon. After the volatility seen in exchange rates in recent weeks, this week so far has been relatively calm. The Pound/Euro rate has hovered around the 1.16 mark, with Pound/Dollar rates rising from 1.50 to 1.5120….

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Pound goes up vs Euro due to Greek debt

16th June 2011Good morning. Sterling fell against all currencies except the Euro yesterday, after poor jobs data and slow wage growth added to the view interest rates are going nowhere in the near term. The Euro however weakened significantly on…

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Sterling remains weak despite good Retail Sales

20th May 2011Good morning. Better than expected Retail Sales yesterday boosted Sterling, and it rose against the Euro and US Dollar. Gains were short lived however, as it did not change things fundamentally and UK growth prospects still looked patchy…

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Sterling gains slightly on Retail Sales, but not much.

17th December 2010Good morning. Sterling edged higher against the the dollar and the euro on Thursday on robust retail sales data, ending 4 straight days of decline. Gains were limited however due to a mixed outlook for the economy. Rates…

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Pound falls again on Retail Sales

22nd October 2010Good morning. The pound fell again yesterday after poor retail sales, which only added to the view the UK economy is still in a precarious state. Today we’ll look at the data this week that’s caused the pound…

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