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RBA cuts interest rates. GBP/AUD forecast

Australian Flag

The Australian Dollar has weakened fractionally against the pound as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut the base interest rate to 1.25%, the lowest recorded level. It was a widely expected move and heavily priced in to the…

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GBP/AUD forecast – highest in nearly 3 years

GBPAUD Forecast

In this morning’s post we’ll take a look at the GBP/AUD forecast as this currency pair has risen significantly recently. After the UK referendum, as I’m sure all readers are aware, the Pound fell in value significantly. This cause the…

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GBP/AUD Australian Dollar falls on weaker outlook

GBP/AUD exchange rates have rallied in the last 24 hours pushing from 1.785 to just shy of 1.82 – a move of nearly 2% This is a fairly significant move and shows how important it is to be in a…

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Australian Dollar rallies overnight

The Australian Dollar gained more than two cents against the pound following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) latest interest rate meeting. As expected the central bank decided to keep the base rate on hold , but a far more…

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GBP/AUD back above 1.71 ahead of the RBA interest rate meeting overnight

Sterling exchange rates have recovered back above the 1.71 level ahead of tomorrow’s interest rate meeting announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). It is widely expected that the RBA will keep the base rate on hold at 1.5%…

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