Currency Forecasts

Category: Quantitative Easing

GBP/EUR, GBP/USD, and the weeks economic data

Monday 7th April 2014  Exchange rates are relatively stable as we start the trading week. In today’s post I’ll have a quick look at where Sterling/Euro and Sterling/Dollar rates stand, and what the forecast is for the short term for…

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Pound/Euro falls despite better data. 2013 forecast.

Friday 12th July 2013 Good morning readers. Apologies for the blog being quiet for the last fortnight; I’m just back from a few weeks in Fuerteventura, and so today I will take stock of how the major currency pairs have performed…

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Will Pound/Euro rates go up or down in the coming months?

Friday 28th June 2012 Good afternoon. The last week has seen the Pound/Euro exchange rate fall away as I have been predicting could happen for a few weeks. Sterling also fell against other currencies, due to data showing the UK economy…

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Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast outlook 2013

Wednesday 19th June 2013 Good afternoon. Sterling exchange rates have fallen back away from recent highs, after high UK inflation numbers and a strengthening Euro. In today’s post I’ll have a look at recent market movements in more detail, and also…

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Pound could fall by up to 15% this year

Monday 10th June 2013 Good afternoon. It’s been relatively stable in the world of exchange rates over the last week or two. Both the Bank of England and European Central bank have kept interest rates on hold again, as expected. We…

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