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Pound steady ahead of Brexit amendment vote

Pound exchange rates have held steady around 1.15 (GBP/EUR) and 1.3150 (GBP/USD) as MP’s are preparing to vote on amendments to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The vote is scheduled for 19:00 this evening however it is not yet…

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Pound vs Euro will the rate go up?

15th June 2011Good morning. UK inflation figures yesterday offered little reason to believe the Bank of England will raise interest rates any time soon, and as a result Sterling fell slightly and struggled vs other currencies. At 08:30am this morning…

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Pound vs Euro & Pound vs US Dollar forecast 2011

Sterling vs Euro; Pound steadies against after 7 week low At the end of the final week of the year a beleaguered Sterling limped towards 2011 and managed to steady against the Euro though it remained weak and near seven-week…

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Pound vs EUR, Pounds vs US Dollar, Fundamental Data,

Sterling gains as debt concerns weigh on the Euro; Pound vs Euro Forecast We have seen a pretty volatile week for the Sterling – Euro exchange rate with the cross starting Monday morning at 1.1551 and reaching a high on…

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Pound vs Euro forecst, and GBP/USD outlook

3rd November 2010Good morning. The pound fell against the Euro yesterday, after better than expected EU PMI figures. Against the USD, Sterling remains above $1.60 due to markets awaiting the news of US QE. Today we’ll have a detailed look…

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