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Positive Economic News for Britain, but Sterling moves lower

Yesterday saw some good news stories for UK Plc. Firstly growth for the last quarter beat forecasts, coming in at 0.5%. Before the referendum, the OBR predicted a ‘Leave’ vote would see Q3 growth at -0.1% and a ‘Remain’ vote…

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Pound falls sharply after ‘Brexit’ news from PM May

Good morning. After a relatively flat week for Sterling last week, we open this morning with the Pound having plunged against other currencies. Against the Euro,  rates have dipped into the low €1.14’s, and against the US Dollar, the rate…

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Pound continues to drop

The Pound seems to have found new direction this week, and that direction is south. Today we saw a report from the Bank of England that showed a rather mixed picture of the UK economy. It said the economy is…

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Sterling falls as BoE set to embark on stimulus measures

Sterling/Euro rates held within a 0.5% range as the trading week started yesterday, with the market remaining relatively stable compared to the recent volatility we’ve seen. We saw the Pound fall slightly during the day after the slightly subdued CBI…

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Sterling/Euro falls as ‘Leave’ campaign takes lead

Things can change very quickly in the currency markets. Just last week the GBP/EUR rate was at a 3 month high of €1.32, supported by opinion polls suggesting that the UK would vote to remain within the EU. However we…

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