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How to get the best exchange rate buying or selling Euros

Wednesday 25th September 2013Good afternoon. The currency markets have been fairly calm recently, and exchange rates seem to have stabilised. We haven’t seen a huge amount of movement since my last post. GBP/EUR rates remain around the €1.19 level, and…

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Pound could fall by up to 15% this year

Monday 10th June 2013 Good afternoon. It’s been relatively stable in the world of exchange rates over the last week or two. Both the Bank of England and European Central bank have kept interest rates on hold again, as expected. We…

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Exchange rates fall after BoE Inflation report

Wednesday 13th February 2013  Good afternoon. In my last post I outlined the fact that Sterling had made a recovery against the Euro. However I’m afraid the recovery was short lived, and the Pound has continued to lose value and…

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Pound/Euro at 1 year low after GDP figures

Monday 28th January 2013    Good morning. Well last week was a very disappointing one for the Pound, with GBP/EUR rates falling to a one year low due to poor GDP figures. Today’s report will consider the dramatic fall in…

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Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast 2013 outlook

Wednesday 23rd January 2013  Good afternoon. Right then, this afternoon I’m putting up my thoughts on what has happened this week with exchange rates, what has been moving the Pound against the Euro and other currencies, in addition to what…

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