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Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast November 2012

Monday 12th November 2012Good morning everyone. As usual for a Monday, today I’m going to take stock of last weeks movement in exchange rates, look at why GBP/EUR rates have climbed. In addition I will analyse what may happen in…

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Weekly Sterling/Euro FX rate forecast

Monday 12th OctoberGood morning everybody. As always for Monday mornings, today I’m going to take a detailed look at Pound/Euro rates, where they have moved and what the forecast is for the coming weeks. In a nutshell, rates have been…

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Why have Pound/Euro rates fallen?

Wednesday 22nd August 2012Good morning. Today I’ll give a brief mid-week update on what is happening with exchange rates. We had seen the GBP/EUR rate recover back close to 4 year highs; however rates have been in decline this week….

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Pound/Euro continues to drop from 4 year high

Monday 6th August 2012Good morning. While Gold was been the main focus last week in the UK in the form of Olympic medals, the value of sterling has fallen against the Euro with the pound falling away from recent highs…

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Sterling/Euro exchange rate forecast July 2012

Friday 29th June 2012Good morning. Sterling/Euro exchange rates have had a very strong week indeed, remaining supported around the €1.25 level. This is despite further poor data about the UK economy. The reason rates are good is because of the…

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