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Pound falls away from highs

At Currency Forecast we noticed yet again the Sterling has been unable to sustain its gains after its recent rally. Last week GBP/EUR rates had hit €1.15 which was the highest this pair has been since June last year. However, as has happened many times over the last 9 months, the gains have proved to be short lived and Sterling has fallen.

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Pound falls as UK growth lower than expected

The Pound has fallen away in the last few days, dropping back to around the €1.13 level against the Euro, and to $1.39 against the US Dollar. The drop came after the latest round of UK employment numbers and growth…

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Why has Pound/Euro fallen into €1.10’s?

Today’s Bank of England’s ‘Super Thursday’ has not been kind to the Pound. There was some speculation that they may hint at interest rate hikes later this year, to tighten monetary policy along with other major economies. However, instead they…

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Pound/Euro falls to €1.13

Pound/Euro rates have fallen a further cent today, dropping from €1.14 into the €1.12’s before settling back at around the €1.13 mark. (View live graphs by clicking here.) There have been no economic data releases of note, so the fall…

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GBP/USD up, GBP/EUR down

The Pound has fallen against the Euro this week, dropping to the €1.16’s which is the lowest it has been in the last 4 weeks. This is mainly due to the US Dollar weakening, and the single currency gaining strength…

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