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What could affect GBP exchange rates this week?

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Good morning. Markets are quiet this week. Lots of people are off for Easter, the Brexit can has been kicked down the road again, and parliament are also on their Easter Break. There are still on-going talks between Labour and…

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Pound continues to rise for second day

Sterling has continued to strengthen, rising to €1.2150 vs the Euro and $1.35 vs the US Dollar. Here are this week’s chart’s showing the Pound’s recovery so far:      GBP/EUR:      GBP/USD: Why has the Pound gone up? The gains…

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Sterling/Euro exchange rate forecast

April was an interesting month for Sterling/Euro exchange rates. In the first part of the month, the recent decline in Sterling/Euro rates continued, and we hit lows in the €1.23’s not seen since 2014. As you can see from the…

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Will Pound/Euro rates get back to €1.40?

 Since the sharp drop in GBP/EUR exchange rates last week, we’ve failed to see the currency pair make much of a recovery. Earlier in the week we saw the rate creep back towards the €1.40 level however it didn’t last…

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Pound falls sharply on news of more BoE Stimulus

Friday 15th June 2012Good morning everybody. Why has the Pound fallen against the Euro this morning? Things can change very quickly in the currency markets, and in my last post GBP/EUR rates were getting close to €1.25. The facts have…

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