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Best Exchange Rates to buy Euros August 2011

Wednesday 3rd August 2011Good morning. We are at a 2 month high vs the Euro, as the single currency weakened further on due to renewed worries about euro zone debt and the risks of it spreading to countries like Spain…

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Sterling vs Euro at 2 month high into December

30th November 2010Good morning. Sterling vs Euro rates hit a fresh 2 month high yesterday, as fears grow that other EU nations may also require help, as Ireland did. This speculation has weakened the Euro, creating some great opportunities for…

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Weak Euro keep Pound / Euro rates high

25th November 2010Good morning. Yesterday there was a sigh of relief as Ireland announced austerity measures that appeased the markets. GBP/EUR rates fell through most of the day. In fact the bail-out has done nothing to calm the markets. If…

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Pound hits 2 month high vs Euro

24th November 2010Good morning. Yesterday was full of surprises. Firstly the military action in Korea worried the markets and strengthened the US Dollar, pushing GBP/USD rates to a 1 month low. Versus the Euro however, Sterling hit a 2 month…

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