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Pound/Dollar rates up to 1.33

Pound Vs US Dollar

Pound/Dollar exchange rates have seen somewhat of a rally in the last few weeks with the pound having rallied just under 4% since mid February. This has pushed sterling to its highest level against the greenback since June 2018. This…

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Pound/Euro, Pound/Dollar and this week’s economic data

Good morning. Today we’ll take a quick look at the major currency pairs Pound/Euro and Pound/Dollar, before taking a look ahead and what could happen to exchange rates this week. Sterling/Euro (GBPEUR) This currency pair seems to be unable to…

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Pound/Euro and Pound/Dollar forecast

Pound/Euro forecast (View live graphs here) For a few weeks now the GBP/EUR rate has been rather flat, stuck in a range between €1.11 and €1.12. It’s currently at the upper end of that range thanks to some slightly better…

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Pound/Euro falls, while Pound/Dollar rises

The Pound continues to struggle against the Euro, and during trading today has fallen from €1.15 to the low €1.14’s. (Click here for live interactive graphs). Part of the reason are election opinion polls, which continue to cast doubt on…

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Pound/Euro and Pound/Dollar Forecast 2017

Sterling has been given a boost this morning following the release of the latest Retail Sales figures. Markets had been expected a monthly  rise of 1% but the actual figure was more than double that, coming in at 2.3%. It’s…

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