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Pound/Euro falls to €1.25 as polls show ‘Leave’ has the lead

Sterling has started the week poorly, falling again due to ongoing concerns about next week’s referendum on EU membership. GBP/EUR has now fallen to €1.25, 7 cents lower than it was last month. The latest polls seem to give the…

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Pound continues to fall as ‘Brexit’ chances increase

The Pound has been in decline over the past week, caused by the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the imminent UK referendum. Just over a week ago, GBP/EUR was up at €1.32 and all the polls seemed to suggest remaining in the…

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Sterling boosted by another ‘Brexit’ opinion poll

Sterling has risen higher today, back above €1.30 against the Euro. Again it’s the referendum, and a new poll showing support for the ‘Remain’ campaign that has lifted the Pound. Here’s the GBP/EUR chart for the week so far: As…

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GBP/EUR highest in 4 months: €1.30+

Sterling’s run has continued today, which is remarkable when you consider most of the move upwards is based on one opinion poll showing we’re likely to remain within the EU, as I outlined in yesterday’s post. This morning we also…

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