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Pound/Dollar drops from 15 month high

Sterling/Euro rates remain at around the €1.14 level, the best we’ve seen in around 3 months. Pound/Dollar rates however, have dropped away from the recent highs of $1.36 which was the best it had been since the EU referendum. Comments…

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Pound/Dollar exchange rates reach 2 week high

Pound/Dollar rates have recovered recently, pushing back above the $1.40 level to reach a 2 week high: The reason for the climb in GBP/USD rates was due to employment data released last week. The jobs data released on Friday showed…

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Sterling/US Dollar exchange rates in 2016

Sterling/US Dollar exchange rates fell sharply towards the end of 2015. The main reason for this was the fact that the US Federal Reserve raised their interest rate, the first major western economy to do so. This had the effect…

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