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Pound/Euro hits €1.35 forecast for 2015

Wednesday 28th January 2015 In my last post at the end of last week I explained that the European Central Bank (ECB) announcement of a Quantitative Easing (QE programme) had weakened the Euro and pushed the GBP/EUR exchange rate to €1.32. …

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Sterling Euro Forecast 2012; could rates be about to fall?

Thursday 21st June 2012Good morning. Exchange rates have continued to be quite volatile, with news from the EU and Bank of England key to the future movements of the Pound Sterling to Euro exchange rate forecast. In today’s post, I…

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How does Greek election affect exchange rates

Monday 18th June 2012Good morning. Today’s post is a little later than usual, as I wanted to wait until the markets had opened this morning to gauage the reaction to the Greek elections, and the effect it is having on…

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Pound falls sharply on news of more BoE Stimulus

Friday 15th June 2012Good morning everybody. Why has the Pound fallen against the Euro this morning? Things can change very quickly in the currency markets, and in my last post GBP/EUR rates were getting close to €1.25. The facts have…

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Pound/Euro hits 3 year high above €1.24 – why?

Tuesday 9th May 2012Good morning. Pound/Euro rates are at a 3 year high after the weekends French, Italian and Greek elections caused significant political uncertainty, weakening the Euro and pushing rates to €1.24+; the best buying levels in 3 years,…

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