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Why has Pound/Euro fallen into €1.38’s?

Friday 21st August 2015Since my last post on Tuesday, Sterling/Euro rates have fallen from €1.42 into the €1.38’s, caused by the Euro gaining strength.  There are several factors that have caused the single currency to gain. Firstly the news that…

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GBP/EUR falls 4 cents in a week. GBP/USD also set to drop

Tuesday 28th July 2015Sterling has fallen sharply against the Euro of late, and in the last week had slipped from €1.44 down to €1.40. As you can see from the chart below, the rate has recovered slightly this morning, getting…

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Why has the Pound/Euro rate fallen?

Thursday 23rd July 2015Sterling/Euro rates have been threatening to fall for a week now, and today the market took a plunge pushing GBP/EUR rates down into the €1.41’s. After a quick look at the chart, I’ll go into more detail…

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€1.43 – Will Sterling go higher against Euro?

Thursday 16th July 2015 The Euro remains incredibly weak today, with GBP/EUR rates settled around the €1.43 mark, a fresh 8 year high. In today’s post I’ll look at the developments over the last few days, what happens next with Greece,…

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GBP/EUR hits €1.42 as Greek rescue falls apart

Wednesday 15th July 2015In a new twist to the ongoing Greek saga, last night the IMF released a statement saying that they don’t think the proposed bailout goes far enough. Effectively, this is a warning that the IMF will not…

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