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Strong UK data fails to lift the Pound

This morning we had further encouraging signs that the UK economy is robust and resilient to the uncertainties of Brexit, however the news has had little effect on the value of Sterling. The latest Industrial and Manufacturing production figures doubled…

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Currency matters when buying or selling property overseas

Many of our clients need to convert Sterling to Euros in order to purchase a property overseas, with France and Spain remaining the most popular destinations for a holiday home, or permanent move abroad. When looking to purchase overseas the…

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Pound continues to rise against Euro

The Pound continues to make gains, and currently sits at around €1.1750 against the Euro, and $1.3240 against the US Dollar (a 3 week high). It is welcome news for those with Sterling to convert to other currencies, as the…

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Will exchange rates go up or down in the next few months?

Since my last post, GBP/EUR rates have remained largely range-bound within a 1 cent range of around €1.2650 to €1.2750. Last week was expected to be a quiet one, but it was anything but with the attacks in Brussels causing…

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Pound continues to fall against Euro and USD

Despite a slight recovery in GBP/EUR rates this week, the downward trend has continued today. Inflationary concerns are weighing on the Pound, and this morning figures showed that inflation was lower than had been expected. This has weakened the Pound…

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