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Pound/Euro can’t break through €1.43

This week has seen the Pound/Euro rate rise nicely, and it’s close to an 8 year high. However try as it might, the pair can’t seem to break through the €1.43 barrier. As you can see from the chart below,…

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GBP/EUR & GBP/USD moves on jobs data

***update on jobs data*** This morning I posted about the US Non-Farms Payroll data. As I explained, the actual number is often very different from forecast. The forecast was for 180,000 new jobs to have been created, but the actual…

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Pound/Euro touches €1.40 on FED news

Exchange Rates move on FED news  Last night at 6pm, the US Federal Reserve (FED) announced its decision to hold interest rates. However as is often the case in the currency markets, the devil is in the detail. They tool…

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