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Pound falls on Brexit uncertainty

The Pound has fallen this morning as chances of a No-Deal Brexit have increased this week. Only last week it looked like May’s deal could go through and GBP/EUR rates touched highs of €1.18. That now seems like a very…

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Sterling up slightly after better than expected Retail Sales

Retail Sales

Good morning. We’ve just seen the latest UK Retail Sales numbers, which came in significantly above forecast at 1.6%. Markets only expected a gain of 0.7%, so the better result has helped the Pound gain slightly against the Euro. This…

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How could Autumn statement affect exchange rates?

Sterling remains relatively stable at around the €1.16 mark vs the Euro, having strengthened by around 5% in the last fortnight. The most important event for the Pound in the coming week is the Autumn statement from new chancellor Philip…

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Sterling continues to fall against the Euro

Wednesday 26th August 2015Following ‘Black Monday’ there continues to be volatility with Sterling exchange rates. Looking at Sterling/Euro in particular, the recent 8 year highs of €1.44 are now a distant memory. Rates have plunged in the last few weeks,…

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Pound/Euro starts to plummets as election uncertainty takes hold

Thursday 2nd April 2015 Since my post a few days ago, we have seen the general downward trend in Sterling/Euro rates resume, falling from €1.38+ to €1.36 in the last couple of days. As the chart below shows, in the…

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