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Stering recovers back to €1.1650

The Pound has recovered this morning after yesterdays fall. It turns out the ‘leaked government memo’ was actually from consultancy firm Deloitte and had no input from number 10 or indeed any government department. The Pound has also received a…

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Positive Economic News for Britain, but Sterling moves lower

Yesterday saw some good news stories for UK Plc. Firstly growth for the last quarter beat forecasts, coming in at 0.5%. Before the referendum, the OBR predicted a ‘Leave’ vote would see Q3 growth at -0.1% and a ‘Remain’ vote…

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Sterling/Euro rises to €1.28 as vote to ‘remain’ looks more likely

After trading in a flat range of €1.26 to €1.27 all month, last night we saw Sterling strengthen after betting odds from BetFair indicated a 73% probability of the UK voting to remain within the EU. We’ve also had a…

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GBPEUR nudges €1.30 before sliding lower again

There has been a little improvement for the Pound in recent days, touching €1.30 yesterday before trailing back off again today. There was no apparent reason for the gains in the rate, and actually the latest economic figures released for…

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What next for Sterling exchange rates?

Monday 27th October 2014 Good afternoon. The Pound is currently trading at the top end of its recent range against the Euro, sitting at a mid-market level of €1.27 at the time of writing. The European Bank stress tests over the…

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