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GBP/USD exchange rates fall below 1.27 – a 5 month low

Pound Vs US Dollar

GBP/USD exchange have tumbled to their lowest levels against the US dollar since January. We have now seen the pound fall just shy of 5% since the end of March and 3.9% in the last three weeks. This movement can…

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Pound vs Euro / Pound vs Dollar / Fundamental Data

16th August 2010 Pound vs Euro Sterling rose to a 6 week high Vs the euro by the end of trade last week to close at 1.2231 from 1.2022 at the beginning of the week. The Euro was the weaker…

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Sterling to Euro / US Dollar predictions & Forecast

10th August 2010Good morning. Sterling fell against the US Dollar and Euro this morning. Today we’ll take a look at what’s happening with Pound to Euro rates, and also a detailed look at the US Dollar. First the usual snapshot…

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