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Pound falls further as Boris gets closer to number 10


Despite a slight uptick in GBP/EUR rates earlier this week, the downard trend for the Pound has now returned, and we have seen the Pound fall further. Pound/Euro rates have now dipped in to the €1.11’s, while Pound/Dollar rates are…

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Pound/Euro remains supported despite Brexit uncertainty

Pound/Euro rates remain supported above €1.14. To some, this is a surprise given the recent run of disappointing UK data. In the last week we have seen: GDP figures lower than expected, growth forecasts downgraded, and dire warnings from the BoE…

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Pound gains on strong data, but spike is shortlived

Thursday 10th April 2014 Good afternoon. It’s been a busy week since my last post on Monday, and we’ve seen a raft of impressive UK data that caused Sterling exchange rates to rise nicely. We saw the GBP/EUR rate hit around…

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Will the Pound go back up against the Euro 2014?

Monday 10th February 2014 Good afternoon. It’s been a very quiet start to the week, with no significant data releases, and so exchange rates haven’t varied much today.  Sterling/Euro remains a little above €1.20 and Pound/Dollar sits at $1.64. Other currencies…

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