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Pound falls further as Boris gets closer to number 10


Despite a slight uptick in GBP/EUR rates earlier this week, the downard trend for the Pound has now returned, and we have seen the Pound fall further. Pound/Euro rates have now dipped in to the €1.11’s, while Pound/Dollar rates are…

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Sterling unsteady on signs of slowdown

In yesterday’s post I outlined today’s UK Mortgage Approvals, Manufacturing PMI and Credit data as things to watch for any signs of a slowdown in the UK economy. Unfortunately for clients with GBP to convert, that’s exactly what we’ve seen…

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Brexit process to start March 29th

Downing Street have said today that Theresa May will begin the process of leaving the EU next Wednesday the 29th March. Negotiations will then begin, which is likely to herald a period of extreme uncertainty that could send the Pound…

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